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The outsourcing industry is constantly changing. We help you to make sense of it all and find the best value for your money. Our expertise in Business Process and IT Outsourcing enable our clients and partners to bridge the gap between customers, technology and processes.

IMPACT Enterprise seeks to provide our clients with the best possible service, geared to their exact needs, at the best price, reflecting your industry requirements, service scope and market footprint. Leveraging our experience in different industries is a critical advantage for our clients and partners. 

We offer our clients are partners:

- Confidence in our tenured in-country leadership team, with management experience averaging 15 years

- Diverse expertise across a variety of industries and services

Out attrition levels are significantly lower than most European-based competitors, which enables us to maintain a strong core team in the areas of Software development, Business Process Outsourcing, Commodity management - Shared Services support and etc.

We leverage expertise from multiple partners and sources, allowing us to ramp up operations faster than market averages and provide additional services such as - Location management, Legal support and Build Operate Transfer 


Our approach is based on five very simple, yet comprehensive steps:

  • Value Add and Performance Management to define goals and evaluate progress

  • Targeted Business Analysis aimed at optimize Business Process Management (BPM) delivery with predefined industry solutions and reference models

  • Leverage Technology and Automation to maximize use of selected BPM and Business Rules Management technology, tools and platforms

  • Unified Process Streamlining and Improvement ensuring process-oriented thinking becomes embedded across the organization

  • End-to-end comprehensive BPM Governance that promotes process ownership and provides supporting structures to sustain BPM excellence

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